Exploring is my catnip - patch

Exploring is my catnip - patch


This iron on patch is the purrfect classy way to accessorise your cat’s harness or backpack.

Patch size: 2” x 1.2” (50 mm x 30 mm)

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How to Apply Your Iron On Patch

  1. Set iron to “Low Cotton Setting.”

  2. Lay the material that you are attaching the pat to on the ironing board.

  3. Iron the area you would like to apply the patch to. We suggest testing a small area of the material to ensure it can handle the heat.

  4. Place your patch where you would like it to appear, with the “Exploring is my Catnip” facing up and heat seal facing down.

  5. Lay a piece of baking paper over the patch

  6. Press down on the patch with your iron for 60 seconds. We recommend placing as much weight on your iron as possible.

  7. Apply equal heat and pressure to all areas of the patch. We suggest sliding the iron back and forth and side to side, while keeping the pressure on the iron.

  8. After 60 seconds, remove the iron and baking paper.

  9. Let the patch and garment cool for 3 minutes.

  10. Check the patch has applied properly by attempting to lift the edge of the patch. It should be stuck well and cannot easily be separated from the fabric.

  11. Wear your patch with pride.


USA - flat rate of $5

Canada - flat rate of $7

Everywhere else in the world - flat rate of $9