My name is - sticker

My name is - sticker


What is the first question you get while exploring (after “is that a cat?”)?

It’s “What is your cat’s name?”

Here is an easy way to share that - just point at this sticker on your backpack.

And then they can also follow your kitty on social media too!

No need to have to awkwardly spell out your Instagram handle so that they can follow you online.

All you need to do, is write your cat’s name & handle on this sticker using a sharpie. Then stick it on a visible spot on your cat’s backpack or stroller.

And then just point to a sticker with your handle.

No need for those “no not a ‘s’, it is a ‘f’ for frog” corrections.

And the best bit, if they’re shy, your fans don’t need to even chat to you to find your Instagram (and Facebook)!

This sticker makes it easy for your kitty’s fans to learn their name & to follow your adventures.

Sticker size: 3.95” x 1.97” (10 cm x 5 cm)

Sticker material: Vinyl with matte finish

Stickers adhere to most surfaces. We recommend waiting a few minutes after using a sharpie to write on the sticker to ensure no smudging.

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