Dangar Falls, Dorrigo


About Dangar Falls

Danger Falls is a great short walk with stunning landscape and a secret little rain forest just right off the road.

It is only a short walk - 20 minutes - down to the base of the falls and a great little picnic area at the top near the viewing platform.

Cats going there will need to keep in mind that the waterfall can be very loud. There are some stinging plants if you go too far off the beaten track. 

Also, near by there is another location nearby called Dangar Falls, which is in a national park. Cats aren't allowed in NSW national parks. So stay clear of that one!

Before You Go Exploring in New South Wales

In New South Wales cats are prohibited from

Cats and public transport:

According to Transport NSW, rules about pets on transport are:

  • Train - No pets on stations and trains

  • Bus - Yes, with permission from driver

  • Coach - No pets at coach stops or on coaches

  • Ferry - Yes, with permission from the crew

  • Light rail - Yes, with permission from light rail staff

  • Taxis - Yes, if the vehicle is suitable and with permission from the driver.