Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve


Pets on a leash are allowed on land in only a few select areas:

  • on the Bartlett Cove Public Use Dock;

  • on the beach between the Bartlett Cove Public Use Dock and the National Park Service Administrative Dock;

  • within 100 feet of Bartlett Cove Developed Area park roads or parking areas unless otherwise posted;

  • and on a vessel on the water.

Pets are not allowed on trails, beaches, or anywhere in the backcountry, with the exception of pets that remain on board private vessels on the water.

For more information about the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve see here.

Before You Go Exploring in the USA

For a discussion on state law regarding cats, see here.

Most locations require pets to be on a leash less than 6 feet long. 

Typically pets are not permitted in public buildings.

National Parks

Unlike Australia, pets are welcome in National Parks in America

Cats are welcome:

  • in developed areas

  • on many trails and campgrounds

  • in some lodging facilities

Cats must be restrained, either on a leash (not exceeding 6 feet in length) or caged/crated.

Pets are not permitted:

  • in public buildings

  • public transport

  • designated swimming beaches

National Forests

Cats are allowed in national forests, but must be kept on leash (less than 6 feet in length) while in developed recreation areas and interpretive trails.

Cats are not permitted in swimming areas.