Rainbow Beach, Bonny Hills


About Rainbow Beach

We love this beach because there is so much to see and do!

There are lots of rock pools, trees to climb and the waves are too big so it is not too confronting. There is also a little stream to jump over.

Advice for Cats Who Explore

  • This is an off leash dog beach, but rarely has many dogs on it.

  • Also part of the beach is a nice long stretch so you would be able to see any dogs coming.

  • The beach is near a lot of bush, so you may see a goanna.

  • Part of the beach is not kitty friendly, so please stay on the end that dogs are allowed.

Before You Go Exploring in New South Wales

In New South Wales cats are prohibited from

Cats and public transport:

According to Transport NSW, rules about pets on transport are:

  • Train - No pets on stations and trains

  • Bus - Yes, with permission from driver

  • Coach - No pets at coach stops or on coaches

  • Ferry - Yes, with permission from the crew

  • Light rail - Yes, with permission from light rail staff

  • Taxis - Yes, if the vehicle is suitable and with permission from the driver.