Sydney Park, Alexandria


About Sydney Park

The park is very spacious, and if you prefer it you'll be able to find an area with less dogs.

There are loads of grassy areas and some shorter trees where cats can climb within the leash's length.

People often come to Sydney Park with their dogs and children to enjoy picnics.

Advice for Cats Who Explore

  • There will be unleashed dogs, but the park is spacious enough so you have enough time to see them coming and scoop your cat up.

  • There are areas towards the edge of the park where there are less dogs.

  • Avoid weekend afternoons if possible to avoid crowds of children and dogs.

  • Overall Sydney Park is a lovely place, but if your cat is terrified of dogs, then this won't be the best place to go.

Before You Go Exploring in New South Wales

In New South Wales cats are prohibited from

Cats and public transport:

According to Transport NSW, rules about pets on transport are:

  • Train - No pets on stations and trains

  • Bus - Yes, with permission from driver

  • Coach - No pets at coach stops or on coaches

  • Ferry - Yes, with permission from the crew

  • Light rail - Yes, with permission from light rail staff

  • Taxis - Yes, if the vehicle is suitable and with permission from the driver.