Wang Wauk State Forest


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About Wang Wauk State Forest

What was great about this walk was that it is pretty secluded and we have never encountered anyone else on any of our walks there. It definitely feels like our little secret.

It is a relatively short walk (only about 1 hour). It will take you through a rainforest, over a creek and past old rail road tracks.

There is a small camping spot at the entrance of the walk.

Advice for Cats Going to Wang Wauk State Forest

Be prepared to encounter wildlife.

Parts of the path are not well defined (as of June 2018, there are some restorations occurring).

The walk is great for kitties as you can take your time and not worry about running into too many people.

Before You Go Exploring in New South Wales

In New South Wales cats are prohibited from

Cats and public transport:

According to Transport NSW, rules about pets on transport are:

  • Train - No pets on stations and trains

  • Bus - Yes, with permission from driver

  • Coach - No pets at coach stops or on coaches

  • Ferry - Yes, with permission from the crew

  • Light rail - Yes, with permission from light rail staff

  • Taxis - Yes, if the vehicle is suitable and with permission from the driver.