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Giving Back to Dogstar Foundation

Dogstar Foundation is based in Sri Lanka where they do vital work including:

  • Spray-neuter outreach programs

  • Providing lifesaving treatments for street animals

  • Mass rabies eradication programs

  • Rescuing animals from natural disasters

  • Community education about animal welfare

Dogstar Foundation not only supports dogs, but also cats.

In fact, their Catstar Project aims to spray-neuter and rabies vaccinate a minimum of 50 cats per month.

$1 from each purchase from our shop will be donated to Dogstar Foundation to support this amazing work.

Why We Are Supporting Dogstar Foundation

Our founder, Hasara, was born in Sri Lanka. She visited Sri Lanka several times as a child and as an avid animal lover her heart broke every time she saw the animals in the street.

Sri Lanka is a country that has been devastated by civil war and more recently natural disasters. However, it is a beautiful place that is quickly rebuilding. With this growth, the perception of animal care and welfare has improved.

This is mainly due to organisations like Dogstar Foundation who run community programs along with the hands on work they do.

We at Catexplorer are supporting Dogstar Foundation, to help improve the lives of these cats and dogs. We also see it as an opportunity to support improvements in societal perceptions about animal welfare.

It is our hope that next time we’re in Sri Lanka, we will see less cats and dogs suffering on the street.

And we know we will, because of all the hard work Dogstar Foundation is doing.