Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common things people ask us about Catexplorer.

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What is a Catexplorer?

A Catexplorer refers to both the feline or human who are exploring the world together.

So if you explore the world with your cat, you can refer to yourself as a Catexplorer and you can refer to your cat as a Catexplorer too!

The act of exploring with your cat is going Catexploring!

So when you are out & about with your cat you could say “We’re 2 Catexplorers who are Catexploring” – yeah, we know, that’s probably too much!

Can cats go exploring with their humans?


Many cats explore the world with their humans. Some go hiking, kayaking and even accompany their humans to brunch at cafes.

Typically these cat are trained to walk on a leash while wearing a harness.

Can all cats be trained to explore the world with their humans?

While we believe all cats can be trained for different activities, not all cats are suited to going outside. See here for more details.

My cat hates going outside, can I train them to explore with me?

If your cat hates going outside, we strongly recommend that you do not try and force them to become a catexplorer.

Instead you can have fun with adventures at home.

You can even have some fun training sessions by using clicker training. We recommend checking out Cat School for ideas.

My cat already loves going outside, but goes outside by themselves. Why should we think about training them to go exploring with us?

Many cats already love going outside by themselves. Did you know that domestic cats have been known to roam up to 3 km from their home?

A cat that goes outside by themselves has an average lifespan 5 years. This is because a cat that roams by itself is more likely to suffer through painful experiences like being hit by a car, ingesting poison like antifreeze or pesticide or attack from another roaming animal.

Due to this reason, it is typically recommended that you keep your domestic cat as an indoor cat. An indoor cat has an average lifespan of 18 to 20 years and cannot hunt and kill wildlife. An indoor cat can live a fulfilled and stimulated with toys, games and playtime.

However, some cats still love going outside. By training your cat to go out with you, you can control where your cat goes, ensure that it is safe while outside and does not hunt any wildlife.

Why should I use a harness? Can't I attach the leash straight to my cat's collar?

If you attach a leash to your cat's collar and they make sudden movements, it can strangle your cat.

A harness distributes the pressure evenly, rather than on their neck. This reduces the risk of potential consequences from sudden movement or if you loose control of your cat.

My cat hates its harness. Should I force it to be harness trained?

If it is clear that your cat hates its harness and it does not enjoy going outside, it is likely that it is not a candidate to be cat who explores with you. However, you can still have heaps of fun, stimulating and exciting adventures with them inside your home.

What is a cat/pet backpack?

A Cat Backpack (or Pet Backpack), is a backpack in which you put your cat in so that you can carry them around. It is easier to take your cat in a Backpack rather than a typical carrier as the weight is more evenly distributed, and both your hands are free.

Typically Cat Backpacks have mesh “windows” that your cat can look outside through. They also typically have a window that you can open up so your cat can stick their head out. If this is the case, make sure there is an attachment inside so that you can attach you cat (and their harness) to the backpack. This stops them from jumping out.


How do I join the Catexplorer Community?

Anyone is welcome! Join our gang by signing up to the newsletter, following along on the socials, participate on our discussion topics and using the #catexplorer hashtag when you post on social media.

How do I ask a question from the Catexplorer Community?

Send us your question and we will add it to our calendar to ask.

How do I get featured on the Catexplorer Website & Social Media?

Tag the Catexplorer account (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) in your photos, use the hashtag #catexplorer and we will be in touch.

How do I do a guest post about a topic I am passionate about?

Send us your guest post, we will review it and we will add it to our calendar if it is relevant to our community.



Where can I listen to the Catexplorer Podcast?

You can listen to the Catexplorer Podcast where ever you listen to podcasts.

How often do episodes come out?

Each season has 8 episodes which are released weekly.

How do I be a guest on your podcast?

We would love to have you! Contact us, with a summary about your catexploring story or knowledge in the cat field. We’ll let you know if we can find a fit.



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Where can I find sizing charts for Catexplorer Merch?

You can find our size guides here.

Why does my new clothing smell like vinegar?

Sometimes, the clothing you purchase may smell like vinegar. We like to say, this is the new T-shirt smell.

In all seriousness, this smell may occur due to the printing process. Catexplorer’s products are made using direct-to-garment printing technology. While this process increases the durability of the print on your garments, it may also produce a vinegar smell. This is harmless to you & the environment and should completely vanish after the first wash.

I love my merch and want to look after it. How should I care for my Catexplorer clothing?

To prolong the life of your Catexplorer clothing we suggest you follow these care instructions: Machine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colours. Use non-chlorine bleach, only when necessary. No fabric softeners. Tumble dry low, or hang-dry for longest life. Cool iron inside-out if necessary. Do not iron decoration. Do not dry clean.


I would love to attend a Catexplorer event, but there isn’t one in my area?

The Catexplorer team is based in Sydney, Australia. We are working on developing a network of Catexplorer Ambassadors around the world, who will help organise future events in their area.

I would love to be a Catexplorer Ambassador. How do I apply?

Let us know you would like to be a Catexplorer Ambassador via this form and we will be in touch!

Where to go

Why does “Where To Go” only have cat friendly locations in a few countries?

Catexplorer is constantly evolving and growing. More locations will be added in the future

Even though my country is on Catexplorer, The Directory is missing some cat friendly locations that I know about. Why is that?

All efforts have been made to collect details of as many cat friendly locations as possible. However, it is inevitable that some will be missed.

Please let us know about these cat friendly locations and we'll add them as soon as possible!

About catexplorer

Where is Catexplorer based?

The Catexplorer team is based in Sydney, Australia (hence the Aussie spelling & grammer) but we know that most of you live in America, which is why we use USD in our shop.

Where can I follow you on Social Media?

Catexplorer is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.