Step 3 - Start Exploring with Your Cat in Their Backpack


Now that your cat is getting in their backpack, its time to start using it while exploring!

Small Trips

We recommend that you go on a few small explorations first, i.e. don’t go on a hike the first time you use the backpack.

We took Lumos and Noxie to a quiet local park and spent some time walking around with them inside the backpack, opened up their “window” so they could look out and then finally took them out of the backpack and let them walk around on their leash.

Note: by this point we had already harness and leash trained them.

Backpack = Safe Spot

We were concerned that the cats would not go back into their backpacks. However, they understood that the backpack was their safe spot and went into it whenever they were tired or scared. This may be because they were used to using their carriers the same way.

Longer Trips

Once you have had a few smaller explorations in the backpack, it is  time to try some longer adventures.

During longer walks in their backpacks, Lumos and Noxie typically sit curled up, and enjoy watching the world go by. Noxie also enjoys sticking her head and front paws out, either resting on our shoulder or on the backpack. Lumos loves sticking his face out and sniffing everything we pass.

It's time to see how your kitties enjoy their longer adventures in their backpacks.

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