“I had just started my catexplorer training in spring and my hooman found the Catexplorer page. It was exactly what she needed – a community of other catexplorer owners who had the same questions and could offer information and advice. And their Catexplorer Asks weekly questions and summaries were a game-changer! It was such a great way to read about what others in the community were doing and to ask her own questions. Catexplorer is a great resource and community for us exploring cats and our hoomans. I have yet to come across any other site even remotely similar or as helpful. An now I have my own Instagram page so I have met so many other catexplorering furriends from all over the world through Catexplorer. So cool! It really is the best online resource out there for training information, inspiration and community support. Thanks for all you do Catexplorer!” - @ceres.the.meowtain.lion

Hasara Lay