Step 1 - How to Pick the Right Harness

Your cat’s harness is one of the basic tools you need to explore with your cat.

The harness you choose should depend on you, your cat and the type of activities you plan to do together.

There are 3 popular types of harnesses:

  • H-harnesses

  • Vest harnesses

  • Jacket harnesses

H-Harnesses For Cats

cat in a h-harness

H-harnesses are shaped like a “H” and have the least amount of surface area touching your cat.

This makes them ideal as the starter harness for most cats learning how to walk on a leash. They are typically cheaper too.

They are also ideal if you plan to do activities with your cat that will involve water. H-harnesses have the least amount of material, meaning that it is less likely to hold more water and be cold afterwards.

However, H-harnesses don’t spread the pressure as well as other harnesses and may not be the best harness if your cat makes sudden movements.

In saying that, H-harnesses are less bulky and ideal if your cat is going to wear a jacket on top of their harness.

H-harnesses that are popular with the Catexplorer community are:

Vest Harnesses for Cats

cat in a vest harness

Vest harnesses look like a vest and have more contact with your cat’s body.

As such, they distribute the pressure better than a H-harness, and are more ideal for a cat who makes sudden movements.

However, most vest harnesses require your cat to place their head through the harness and some cats do not appreciate this.

Vest harnesses that are popular with the Catexplorer community are:

Jacket Harnesses for Cats

Instagram:    @roxythe_kitty

Instagram: @roxythe_kitty

Jacket harnesses or butterfly harnesses are the harness of choice for kitties who like to slip out of their harnesses.

As a jacket, they cover more of your cat’s body and typically have a tighter fit.

They are great for cats who live in colder climates, but may be too warm for hotter areas.

Jacket harnesses that are popular with the Catexplorer community are:

For more information about the harnesses used by other cats in the Catexplorer community see here.

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