Appreciating Black Cats

There is this common superstition - black cats mean bad luck

It has become a sad statistic - black cats are typically the last to be adopted from shelters.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly why but perhaps it is because of the myth that black cats are bad luck?

Or how about the ridiculous belief that black cats are not "Insta worthy"?

But we're here to say - this is total bullocks! 

We can go on about how black cats are actually lucky in countries like Japan and China. Or how it has been found that black cats live longer and are believed to have stronger immune systems. Or even the fact that they are rare, because black is normally associated with the X chromosome so it skips a generation.

But instead, we're going to highlight a few amazing black catexplorers, who are totally crushing it on the world of Social Media!

Nathan, the Beach Cat

Nathan was found abandoned in a box by a highway.

Her mum, Melissa told us "When we first laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight!"

"Nathan has a very chill personality and adapts very quickly to anything we expose her to"

So much so, that she loves swimming at the beach. She was a natural at swimming.

"She had followed us out further into the water without hesitation. She could no longer touch the sand beneath her and she began to kick her legs and swim.

Her first time actually swimming!

She was a natural, we were proud parents!"

She also happens to be an ambassador for the RSPCA and is involved in some amazing collaborations!

And recently her family grew to include another little black cat - her sibling Winnie.

Also, just quietly, Nathan played a huge role in starting Catexplorer. She highlighted that other people walk their cats too!

And, we're excited to say - her story is now also on Catexplorer! (We're totally fan-girling right now!)

Nathan can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Otis Spunkmeyer

Otis's mum, Lilly,  stumbled across Otis while on a bike ride.

She told us "I was on a bike ride and still miles from home when I heard a kitten meowing. I pulled over on the side of the road to see where the noise was coming from and a tiny black kitten crawled out of a drainage pipe."

After a visit to the vet, it was discovered that Otis had a broken hip and foot. 

She was then inspired to " turn this kitten's life around and give him the life he deserved."

While Otis is still relatively young, he and Lilly have been on several adventures - including trips to a state park and to the local coffee shop. Otis "loves to sit on the patio and watch the cars go by and get attention from people coming and going who have never seen a cat on a leash before."

Lilly is particularly passionate about black cats:

"Black cats matter!

There are many superstitions about black cats, the main one being that they bring you bad luck.

Unfortunately, black cats are targets for abuse around Halloween and most shelters won't even allow black cats to be adopted out in the month of October in fear they will be used in abusive rituals.

People need to know that just because a cat is black doesn't mean that it is any less of a cat than the other colors and patterns out there.

In fact, research shows that there are genetic mutations in black cats that make them resilient to illnesses!

My family owns three black cats (including Otis) and they bring us so much happiness!"

Lilly and Otis are showing that there are amazing black cats, who have awesome adventures and are in beautiful photos.

Otis can be found on Instagram.


Jasper came into his mum's life at the right time and it really is a very special story.

His mum, Shaylyn told us "It's actually quite personal - but my little brother passed away this year.

I was wanting a cat for awhile, but I hadn't picked one out from a local shelter yet. The week after he passed away I went to a local shelter to be around the animals (animals always help me when I'm sad).

The first cat I saw was this black cat, around 10 months old. He was purring and when I picked him up I knew I was going to have to take him home.

My brother always talked about wanting a black cat when he was little, so it felt like it was meant to be."

Jasper has developed a love of biking in his backpack and has bought so much love to his family's lives.

Jasper can be found on Instagram.

Simon, the Backpacking Kitty

Photos of Simon sitting gracefully on his dad's should have become a common sight on social media. So much so, that many owners in our community are not training their cats to do the same.

Simon travels with his dad Josh and is a star in many of his videos.

Simon doesn't just go for walks, he also kayaks, swims and climbs rocks, which is more than what many humans do!

Simon can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Did you know that August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day?

If you are looking to adopt a cat, why not consider the black cats too? They're pretty awesome!