Eubie is a talkative adventure kitty who lives with her 2 brothers and 2 foster brothers.

We asked her mum, Yuki to tell us all about them.

Tell us the story behind Eubie's name?: 

She is named in memory of a dear friend :)

What is Eubie's favourite thing to do?: 

Yell at her human for food 24/7, chilling with her brothers and chasing around anything that moves

What kind of cat adventures do you & Eubie like to go on?

We love the park!

Eubie needs time to adjust to the noise around me and the park is a great place to chill and wait for her to be comfortable. 

We've been trying out various coast walks lately and she loves leaning out of the side of the backpack (breaking my back at the same time).

She jumps out of the backpack when she feel like walking on her own :) and will stop and look at me when she wants to be carried again.

Why did you decide to train Eubie? 

Eubie is like a little dog that has too much energy to spare.

Taking her for a walk or just to soak in all the new sounds and smells helps use up her energy while she enjoys herself.

How did you train Eubie?

I let her adjust to the harness at home under supervision before attaching her lead. Then we walk around the house using treats as prompts as she is very food motivated. 

She is very easy-going, as long as I pack her treats, she's up for anything!

What has been the most rewarding part of having a catexplorer? 

All the unique memories I get to share with her. Adventuring with her has given me the opportunity to bond with her, her brothers and the foster cats in her way.

I feel bad for her sometimes as at home as her brothers hog all the attention. Hanging out with her gave me a chance to give her my full attention and have fun with her.

She has taught me to be extra patient, as Eubie does what Eubie wants.

Taking her out for adventures essentially means Eubie jumping out when she see interesting stuff and asking me to put her back when she's done investigating, i.e. me carrying her around 80% of the time hahaha

What has been the hardest?: 

Finding suitable places to go. 

I don't have a car so I have very limited options when it comes to adventuring with Eubie.

She is also extremely talkative so I worry a lot that she might decide to complain while we are taking public transport.

Thank god she behaves well most of the time and we could stay in incognito mode throughout our ride.

What advice would you give other humans training their catexplorers?

Find what motivates your cat is the key :)

It could be food or their favourite toy. Use it as the reward and make training fun!

Know your cat's personality and what your cat wants.

Pay attention to their body language, when they are fed up, don't force it, some fur babies aren't cut to be adventure kitties (one of Eubie's brother, Tomoya, is so skittish I didn't even try) and there are other ways to let your cat enjoy the great outdoors :) Eubie's other brother Hajime loves being carried about in the backpack but wants nothing to do with walking on a leash.

Is there another Catexplorer that inspires you?


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