Robear Bella

Robear Bella is an adorable Swedish, cinnamon spotted Ocicat who loves hiking.

We asked her mum, Ida, to tell us all about her.

Tell us the story about how Robear Bella came into your family.

Her breeder asked us if we wanted to be a host family for her and of course we said yes

Tell us the story behind Robear Bella's name?

It’s her original name from her breeder

What is her favourite thing to do?

Play fetch

What kind of adventures does Robear Bella like to go on?


Tell us about your most memorable adventure.

When we were hiking and it started to rain, Bella loved it anyway.

Why did you decide to train Robear Bella?

Because Ocicat is an really intelligent breed, and I wanted to train a cat

How did you train Robear Bella?

We trained her with collars from the first time she came to our house and then we started to take her on short walks then longer.

What has been the most rewarding part of having a catexplorer?

She loves it and is so happy!

People gets really surprised when they see us running outside

What has been the hardest?

When it’s really warm or cold weather and we can’t go outside.

And bikes, she gets really scared when bikes past by...

What advice would you give other humans training their catexplorers?

Do it as your cat likes it, don’t push the cat to do anything they don’t want to...

Take small steps.

Some cats are more comfortable outside and more daring than others

What are your favourite products for your catexplorer?

Her collar and her favourite toy mouse.

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