How and What to Feed Your Cat While Adventuring

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Typically, while we are walking our cats on a harness and leash, we are outside of our home for a few hours, sometimes more.

Just like humans, our kitties are likely to get hungry. While we can stop at a café or restaurant to grab a bite to eat, there aren’t many food establishments where you can do the same for your cat. Or if you are in the middle of a beautiful hike or a lake, it is likely that there will be nowhere for you to get a meal for your cat.

Given this dilemma, we asked the Catexplorer community about what kind of food they feed their cats while exploring.

Do Our Cats Want to Eat While Exploring?

Many kitties don’t like eating while exploring.

As a species, cats are are prey as well as predators and as such may feel vulnerable when eating. Therefore, they may only be comfortable to eat where they feel comfortable and are not distracted – like at home or in your car.

Cats also reduce their food intake when it is hot or humid, which may be the case when we are exploring during summer.

If your kitty does not like to eat while on an adventure, we recommend that you have food and water available in the car and at home. This way they can eat and drink at the end of their adventure.

You can also create a fun routine where your cat gets a certain yummy meal when you get home. This way your cat will associate the end of adventures with something fun.

Bear in mind that your cat has been exercising with you, so may need a serving that it slightly larger than usual. They may be slightly hungrier post exercise just like us!

Even if your cat does not typically eat while you are out and about, we recommend that you always have some cat food/treats and water on hand. Just in case your kitty does get tired and hungry – no one wants a hangry kitty while you are hours away from home!

My Kitty Eats While Exploring

Other cats do eat while they are exploring.

If your cat falls within this group, there are several forms of food that you can carry for them.

Food and Treats for Your Cat

Some to the treats that the kitties in the Catexplorer Community love for exploring are:

If you are exploring for an extended period of time, you can carry some of your cat’s regular food in a Tupperware container.

A Note on Hydration

A concern that many owners have while exploring is that their cat is not drinking enough water to stay hydrated.

Cats are notoriously bad at drinking water at home, let alone when you are out and about.

To ensure that your cat is staying hydrated, you can mix some water with their treats, or you can feed them some wet food with gravy.

Another option is to dab water on your cats head and mouth, to encourage them to drink water.

We would love to hear what you feed your cat while exploring!