Lulu loves adventures in the park and forest that she helped mentor her family's new kitten on its catexploring journey.

We asked Lulu's family all about her.

How did Lulu come into your family?

A friend of mine had got a Savannah cat first, and after a while I heard that its sister was still available. 

I had wanted one for a long time... So I decided to visit the breeder and see her.

I fell instantly in love.

So why the name Lulu?

I just thought she looked like a "Lulu".

What is Lulu's favourite thing to do? 

She has many favourite things that she loves to do: going on adventures, playing with her cousin that lives with us, watching the fish in the aquarium, playing with all her toys, keeping an eye on everything that goes on outside the windows and hunting my toes...

What kind of adventures does Lulu like?

Lulu loves to go on adventures to the park or the forest.

Tell us about your most memorable adventure 

That must be when we went to the forest the first time.

I could see her fall in love with the surroundings. No fear, just happiness. And so many smells! It was so fun.

It was also very exciting and memorable when our new kitten came with us to the park the first time.

Lulu comforted her when she was scared, and they had a lot of fun exploring the park together.

Why did you decide to train Lulu?

Because I wanted her to see more of the world. She's an indoor cat.

And I thought it would be fun going on adventures together - and it was.

How did you train Lulu? 

We went outside every day in the beginning to places that had fewer people, and was calm.

First some short trips, but then for hours at a time.

What has been the most rewarding part of having a catexplorer?

Being able to do something fun with my cat, and experience things together.

We have grown a really strong bond because of that.

What has been the hardest?

Not really sure. Must be other people that we meet.

Most people are really kind and accepting of cats being on a leash, but one time we met a woman that weren't. And she said that my cat hasn't a life and felt sorry for my cat. I think she was wrong, my cat has an exciting life, and she loves going on adventures with me. And the leash keeps her safe.

In hindsight, what would you do differently?


What advice would you give other humans training their catexplorers?

Have lots of patience! And don't give up.

Do it as often as you can.

What other Catexplorers that inspire you?


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