Mavericks is a beautiful catexplorer who loves climbing.

What is Mavericks' favourite thing to do?

Mavericks loves to crawl around in bushes looking for sticks to chew on and he loves to hide in curtains and jump out when people walk by.

What is his favorite food and toy?

Mavericks favorite food is Salmon and his favorite toy is a plush wolf named Wolfie.

What kind of cat adventures does Mavericks enjoy?

Anything from camping to running around at the beach to hiking on rocky trails.

Tell us about your most memorable adventure

Our most memorable adventure is probably Mavericks first adventure.

We took him to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs and because he still wasn’t great on the leash, we kept him in his cat backpack. We walked around for awhile until he started meowing really loudly then decided to take him out on the leash.

Mavericks immediately started sprinting towards a rock and then jumped right on top of it. He climbed up to the point that we couldn’t reach him anymore and had to get him down by bribing him with treats. He spent the next hour climbing up and down rocks (with his leash on) and that’s how I knew I had a true catexplorer on my hands.

Why did you decide to train Mavericks to be a catexplorer?

I decided to train him because being a college student and living in beautiful Colorado, I wasn’t home very much.

I knew right off the bat Mavericks was going to be a needy little guy so I decided that I was just going to take him on my adventures with me!

How did you train Mavericks? 

I started putting the harness on him at a young age, about 9 weeks, just to get him used to it.

Then once he was used to it, I started putting the leash on him and taking short walks around the house and neighborhood.

What has been the most rewarding part of having a catexporer? 

Having my best friend also be my adventure buddy! I never have to travel alone!

What advice would you give other humans training their catexplorers?

Be patient!! It may get frustrating while training your catexplorer but in the end it’s worth it.

Just takes time and practice!

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