Otis (sometimes known as Otie) started life as a feral cat, and now he loves exploring with his humans!

We asked his mum, Justa, to tell us all about him.

Tell us the story about how Otie came into your family.

I captured Otie on September 28, 2014.

When we first moved to Montana, we lived with a wonderful couple that became our Montana parents. I had them over for dinner at our new place and told them I had been looking for a kitty at the local shelter and they told me they had some feral kittens in the top of their barn but that they couldn’t guarantee we could catch them. I went over the next morning and Bruce put out some milk and grabbed the first one he saw with leather gloves.

Otie was hissing like crazy and had never had any human contact. We put him into a carrier and he was terrified.

I was really scared that he was in shock and wouldn’t come out of it, but two days later, he was running around like a little crazy man!

Tell us the story behind Otie/Otis' name?

I grew up watching Milo and Otis. My sister named her cat Milo and he just had to be Otis!

What is Otis' favourite thing to do?: 

Beg for treats!

No, really. He is a spoiled little babe and he loves temptations :)

What kind of adventures does Otie go on? 

Anything he possibly can!

He goes any weekend we’re in the camper unless it’s too cold and we can’t leave him during the day like elk hunting.

He always goes on the boat and even took dip in the Yellowstone River last summer. He’s even gone on an overnight float trip on the Bighorn River!

He's also traveled twice to Florida, plane and all! The flight attendant even let him sit on my lap and look out the window. We stayed at the beach and he visited 6 different houses while we were home.

And anytime he can graze in the backyard is a good time!

Tell us about your most memorable adventure.

Probably the trip to Florida.

So many people wanted to meet him so we visited a lot of friends that had never met him. He also rode on the boat a few times while we were there. He was so great on the plane, it didn't phase him a bit!

Why did you decide to train Otis?

My husband and I lived in the middle of a canyon and we would go on weekend trips for two to three days...we didn't have any other pets and felt bad leaving him home alone, so we just decided to start bringing him along!

How did you train Otis? 

His personality just allowed it to happen.

I have since attempted to "train" another cat and it DID NOT WORK! A cat will let you know if they can handle it or not.

What has been the most rewarding part of having a catexplorer?

Taking him along and making memories with him in beautiful places!

What has been the hardest?

Cat litter, food, etc.

It's a lot of work and I don't ever want him to be hurt or get lost.

In hindsight, what would you do differently?

Nothing, Otie has been the best kitty ever!

What advice would you give other humans training their catexplorers?

Let the cat tell you what they're comfortable with and don't push them.

What are your favourite products for Otis? 

Temptations and small, sparkly balls he can fetch and pick up in his mouth.

Is there another Catexplorer that inspires you?

We love all catexplorers!

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