Reactions that Make Us Laugh While We're Out & About With Our Cats

We get it, exploring with our cats can be a bit out there, so much so that we hear some awesome comments while we are out and about!

It’s a Cat!

Roxy’s family met a very excited fellow who exclaimed “That’s a cat! On a leash! Hiking!!!”

To which they replies “yes, she is”

He became more animated and said “I mean, it’s a cat!” and stood there smiling looking at Roxy.


Wild Cats!

A group of women once shouted to Waffles & Cocoa’s family – “I thought they were wild cats!”


A Doggy

Wessie’s family had some gasp “You have a doggy!”


A Sausage Dog

Cindy’s mum had a group of children ask if she was a sausage dog!


A Snapchat Star

Ava’s family had a group come up to them and ask “Yo, why do you have a cat on a leash?!” and then they had a chat and snapchatted Ava.


A Facetime Star

Indy once had a person stop on the road and then interview his family via Facetime!


A Bob Cat

Jack’s family once heard “OMG! You caught a bobcat!”


It’s a Dog in a Cat Suit!

Rigby’s family has the best response to “It that a cat?!” – “No, it’s a dog in a cat suit”.

Yeah we cheated – that’s not a response from someone else, but we love it!


Has someone reacted to you kitty while out and about, in a way that has made you laugh?