Should My Cat Wear a Collar?

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There are a few factors to think about when choosing whether to use a collar on your cat. These also influence what type of collar you should use.

At the end of the day, whether you use a collar and what type of collar you use is dependent on your cat and you. With this in mind, we asked our community about the collars their cats wear.

Why Some Cats Don’t Wear a Collar

Some Cats Don’t Like Wearing Collars

Some cats just do not like wearing a collar.

They chew them off. Others pull them off, with even reports of some great teamwork where cats help each other to pull them off (we’re super impressed by this!). Many are also just plain miserable when they are wearing one.

If your cat hates wearing a collar, do not force them to wear one.

Collar Safety

Collars run the risk of getting caught while out and about or even at home. The results of this can be disastrous.

Fitting of Collars

It can be difficult to find a collar that fits our cats well. Many cat collars are rather large, and don’t fit our cats well. This increases the risk of our cats getting their jaw caught in it or having their collar snagging on it and injuring them.

No Need to Wear a Collar

Some cats are typically indoor cats who only go outside with their humans for adventures. While they are outside, they are always with their humans and don’t have a need to have a collar to identification.

These cats typically have other forms of identification like microchipping (which we recommend for all cats!) and may have their ID details attached/sewn into their harness.

Why Some Cats Wear a Collar


A collar with identification can help identity a lost cat. This is particularly important given that fewer than 2% of lost cats are returned to their humans. A collar can be an added layer of protection to make sure a lost cat is returned to their home.

The Law

We will admit - this is why our cats wear a collar. We thought it was a legal requirement that our cats needed a collar at all times.

However, with the rise in micro chipping, we have learnt that this is not the case for our area.

If you are concerned about the legal requirements, we suggest asking your local council. Your state regulations may be old and dated, and your council may have the most up to date requirements.


Flea collars are one of the oldest forms to prevent fleas on your cat.

There are several types of flea collars for your cat, with some of the best picks here.


Some cats wear collars because they are so pretty! If your cat is ok with wearing a collar, there really are some pretty options available!

How to Pick a Collar For My Cat

Breakaway Collars

We suggest you use a breakaway collar as they come off easily if they get caught. To help ensure they come off easily, file away the edges of the clasp.

Reflective Collars

Pick a reflective collar as this will help your cat stand out in low light situations. Exploding Kittens (a board game) have started a campaign to encourage more cats to wear orange collars as this is a colour that can easily be seen.

Collar Fit

If you are struggling to find a collar that fits well, we suggest looking into kitten collars.

To check if your cat’s collar fits properly, check if you can fit 2 fingers side by side between the collar and your cat.

Never attach a leash onto your cat’s collar. If any sudden movements occur, this could have disastrous consequences. Always attach a leash to their harness.

Collar Brands

The Catexplorer community’s favourite collar brands are:

Does your cat wear a collar? Why kind of collar do they wear?