Stanley and Wulfie

Stanley is a pro catexplorer and is showing his baby brother, Wulfie, the ropes.

We asked their mom, Donna, to tell us all about him.

Tell us the story about how Stanley and Wulfie came into your family.

We’ve had Stanley since he was about 6 weeks old when the human sister was told NO you can’t bring home a kitten!

She brought him home anyways and I’ve had him 12 years now. At first she hid Stanley in her room, but little meows gave her away quite quickly. 😆 He was part of a litter of kittens born in a friend of his human sisters neighborhood. They were just giving them away. 

I adopted Wulfie from the local animal shelter when he was 9 weeks old. He was a stray.

Tell us the story behind Stanley & Wulfie's name

Stanley was named after his older humans brothers work boots. 😂

He was originally named Princess until the veterinarian informed us at his kitten exam we had the wrong gender. 😆 When we got home from the vet Stanley jumped into the Stanley boots box his human brother has just brought home and the rest is history. 

Wulfie, aka Sir Wulfston, looks like a little grey wolf so Wulfie it is! There is a novel titled ‘Wulfstons Odyssey’ as well that he’s named after.

What are Stanley and Wulfie's favorite things to do

Stanley: Purrobably his  most favorite thing to do is to go on trips in the RV. As soon as he’s loaded in the RV he turns up his purrs on high. 😻 He also loves to graze on fresh green grass while out on his walks. 😂 Stanley also loves to go to the pet store with me to see the fishies and birdies.

Wulfie: so far Wulfie totally loves riding in the bike basket! He also adapted very quickly to the RV and loves to go bye bye in it and look out all the windows while we’re driving down the road. Maybe he’s got a need for speed. 😆

What kind of cat adventures do you like to go on?

Catdad and I like to take Stanley and Wulfie on trips in the RV and car, and rides in the bike baskets.

We also like to take them on walks around our neighborhood and also on trails when we are out exploring in the RV.

Stanley loves trail walks!!

Tell us about your most memorable adventure. 

Purrobably the most memorable adventure is when we took a long road trip in the RV with Stanley and our first stop was the Grand Canyon.

Stanley actually sat on the rim of the Grand Canyon with us and watched the sunset. It was amazing.

He also got to walk on some trails there and explore. So many people were excited to see a cat on a leash!

Why did you decide to train Stanley & Wulfie?

We moved out of the house Stanley had known all his life, into an RV so he had to get used to lots of new things!

We met a travelling couple from Canada who walked their kitties on a leash. It’s when we first got the idea Stanley can be more than just a housecat! 😂

He took to everything so easily.

We ended up living in our RV for 5 years and it’s then he became a seasoned catexplorer.

With Wulfie we are taking him along with Stanley in hopes he’ll learn the ropes from him.

How did you train Stanley & Wulfie?

We really didn’t train him. We exposed him to things slowly and he took to them easily and purrfectly. Since Stanley is such a pro we’re just taking Wulfie along with him in hopes he’ll learn to love everything like Stanley does.

What has been the most rewarding part of having a catexplorer?

It’s so much fun to have our kitties along and people stop to gawk and take photos. 😆

It’s also just wonderful to have our fluffy babies with us to love on!

What has been the hardest?

 Trying to sleep at night in the RV with a cat crawling all over you! Lol

In hindsight, what would you do differently?

With Stanley I would’ve made him a catexplorer at the get go. He literally was a total house cat the first 5 years of his life.

With Wulfie he’s starting early!

What advice would you give other humans training their catexplorers?

Take it slow in exposures to new things and start them young, although Stanley proves an old cat can learn new tricks. Lol

What are your favourite products for Stanley & Wulfie?

Definitely the cat harnesses from RC Pet Products. They are very nice, comfy, safe and durable.

Also, we put a kitty door in the bathroom of the RV leading down into the storage compartment where the litter box is. That idea of catdad's was a pawesome one! It means no litter in the RV! The kitty door is the best thing ever!

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