Why Your Business Should be Cat Friendly


As more people explore the world with their cats, we need to find places to take our cats.

And just as dog owners love to have a latte at a café with their dog, we love having a latte at a café with our cat.

Though for that to happen that café needs to be cat friendly.

But why should a business go out of their way to be cat friendly?

Your customers will be loyal and come back

It’s no secret, it is hard to find cat friendly businesses. So when catexplorers find an amazing cat friendly business, they go back.




They become so loyal, that they get to know the owners.

And for the owners – doesn’t everyone want repeat customers? It’s the easiest way to generate revenue!

Free marketing

When people who explore with their cats find a cat friendly business, they want to tell everyone about it.

They’re so rare, that we want to celebrate it. This unicorn of a business that enables us to explore with their cats.

We tell every other catexplorer in our area about it. We post about it on social media. We recommend it to other catexplorers who are visiting that area.

And what’s in it for those unicorn cat friendly businesses? Free marketing!

Free word of mouth marketing – the type of marketing that your customers are more likely to listen to and follow.

Brings a smile to your employees & other customers

When people see a cat exploring with their humans, they stop.

Most smile. Many approach the cat and owners for a chat and a cuddle.

They leave happy.

And don’t you want happy customers?

Customers who are more likely to view your business favourably because they felt happier there?

Happy customers = more business.

Responsible cat owners

Catexplorers have to be responsible owners.

We need to think about our cats, the dangers of taking them out. How to keep them safe and those in their surroundings safe.

They are constantly ensuring that their cat is not impacting those around them, because sadly most have been attacked verbally about taking their cat out. This helps remind us to be extra vigilant to ensure that no one is being impacted by our cat.

This makes us great customers as we are the ones who are unlikely to break things. To be responsible.

And on top of that, we’re so grateful to be allowed at your business, that we are likely to spend more to help you.

See, it’s not that scary to have a business that opens its doors to catexplorers. We may be unique, quirky & different. But we are loyal as heck and are constantly looking for those places where we can spend our money, with our cats.