Step 4 - Harness Training

One of the most important tools for training your cat to walk on a leash is their harness.

It is also probably the most challenging tool to train.

It is likely that your cat will not enjoy wearing their harness at first.

Just imagine that all of a sudden you have to wear a restrictive concoction that probably feels like a straitjacket – that’s probably how they feel, except they have no idea why they have to wear it. No wonder they don’t like it at first!

Never attach the leash onto your cat's collar. 

Cats can be unpredictable. If a leash is attached to their collar, a sudden movement/noise may scare them and the leash may pull at their collar and result in disastrous consequences.

A harness provides you with a safe option to manage your cat with a leash, particularly if they make any sudden movements.

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