Step 3 - How to Test if Your Cat Enjoys Exploring the World With You

You have an inkling that your cat would enjoy going outside.

They run to the door every time you open it. They sit at the window full of curiosity about the outside world.

It's time to test the waters

Our recommendation is to take your cat outside to a location that you can control, i.e. one where there are no cars or other scary noises, limited number of people and animals (particularly dogs) and you can get them inside quickly if you need to.

Our suggestions are a backyard, a courtyard, or a balcony.

When you take your cat outside, make sure you can give them all your attention (particularly the first time). We suggest being armed with treats too.

Also take their carrier or backpack or stroller with you. This will be their safe spot and they can run into it if they are scared.

If your cat is excited to go out, is sniffing everything in sight and tail is wagging in excitement – it’s a sign that they may be the purrfect candidate for outdoor catexplorer training.

Is your cat scared? Are their ears and tail down? Are their pupils dilated? Do they look scared? It’s a likely that they aren’t suitable for outdoor adventures.

But it is also possible that they are scared about their first time being outdoors. We suggest trying once again, and if their reaction is the same, perhaps they are more suited to indoor adventures, which are also super exciting!

If your kitty enjoys going outside, it’s time to start harness and backpack training.

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