Step 1 - Is Your Cat Suited to Exploring the World with You?

Like people, each cat is different. Some cats love exploring the world with their humans. Others prefer to stay indoors and stick to a routine.

Before you begin to train your cat to walk on a leash, you need to determine which category your cat falls into.

Ask Yourself these Questions:

Does your cat sprint to the front of back door every time you open it?

Do they love looking outside?

Do they have a curiosity about the outside world?

Did you Answer No to Any of These Questions?

There is a chance that your cat is not comfortable with going outside.

Perhaps you can test the waters, but remember, if your cat is scared - you shouldn't push them!

You can still have amazing adventures at home.

Did you Answer Yes to Any of These?

It is likely that your cat is suited to explore the world with you.

Before you start training them, you need to prepare yourself with the right tools and then you can test the waters.

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