Coming Soon - A Podcast for Catexplorers

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A podcast for owners who explore the world with their cats by walking them on a leash, biking while their cat rides in their pet backpacks, eating brunch with their cat at the local café & even travelling in a kayak with their cat.

Each episode we chat with amazing catexplorers like Burma AdventureCat, Roxythe_kitty & Hunky Sushi and some incredible experts like Cat School & Furry Muchkins Pet Photography.

We’ll be diving into the tips & tricks you can use, help you find where to go, share their war stories, celebrate their wins, laugh at the horror experiences & the funny moments that have been part of their journeys.

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What is a Catexplorer?

A Catexplorer refers to either the feline or the human who are exploring the world together.

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