Kitty Cat Chronicles Show How Incredible Special Needs Cats Are

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Wobbly cat syndrome (otherwise known as cerebellar hypoplasia (CH)) and FIV doesn’t mean a cat can’t enjoy life. Sophie shows that having CH actually makes her an amazing candidate to be a cat who walks on a leash. Sassy lives an incredible life with FIV. Sophie & Sassy are just 2 members of the Kitty Cat Chronicles team. Listen to how the gang goes exploring on hikes, in boats, in cars and even in planes.

In this episode we cover:

  • The story of Emily’s cat family.

  • What is FIV?

  • Taking care of Sassy, her cat with FIV.

  • What is Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH)?

  • An embarrassing adventure story with Sophie.

  • Sophie’s special litter box.

  • The adoption of Sophie and how they took care of her.

  • Sophie’s abilities that surprised them.

  • Training Sophie to go out and explore and their favourite adventures with her.

  • Responding to other people’s questions about CH.

  • Kylo Ren’s personality and the places he visits.

  • The challenges they went through in training Kylo.

  • Flying with cats and dogs and the option to ask for private screening.

  • How they started the process of taking out their cats in different kinds of transportation.

  • Clicker Training cats.

  • Her hopes for the future for cats exploring with their humans.

  • The most entertaining question they got while exploring with their cat.

  • Her favourite accounts to follow on Instagram.

  • Products that have made a big difference for their cats.

Guest - Emily from Kitty Cat Chronicles

Where to find Emily online:


Facebook Group – KCC Adventure Cats

Instagram - @kittycatchronicles

Information About Plane Travel in the USA

While you are going through TSA checks with your cat you can ask for a screening in a private room -

Clicker Training

Cat School Clicker Training Course -

Instagram Accounts That Were Mentioned



Sleepypod carriers

Center for Pet Safety testing

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