How to Train Your Cat and Enrich Their Life With Cat School

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Julie from Cat School takes us through how training your cat will help enrich their lives. We learn about different training techniques like clicker training, and how to use these while walking our cats on a harness and leash.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Julie’s cat school started

  • A cat’s age is not a limit in learning.

  • Tricks that Jones can do and an example of a technical trick that he’s learning.

  • The myth of why cats can’t be trained.

  • Issues, benefits and types of cat training.

  • The best way to start click training a cat.

  • Training cats who are not food motivated.

  • Suggestions on adding clicker training into your cat’s routine.

  • How to reduce potential distractions for training.

  • Training her cat to go out and wear a harness.

  • How to introduce clicker training when you are out.

  • Her hope for the future of cats exploring with their humans.

  • Entertaining comments she gets on her Instagram account.

  • Favourite accounts she follows on Instagram.

  • Product that has been a game changer for her and her cats.



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Video of Noxie asking to get back in the backpack

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