Roxy Shows How Catexplorers Can Make a Difference in Cats' Lives

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Listen to all the challenges Roxy has faced while learning to walk on a leash and how she overcame them to be the catexplorer she is today. We also learn about how each of us can play a part in changing other kitties’ lives for the better.

In this episode we cover:

  • Roxy, the bengal cat’s story.

  • Their experience in being first-time cat owners.

  • The start of Roxy’s exploring and the first place she visited.

  • Routine for ending a day out.

  • Stories about Roxy’s boat and Kayak trips.

  • Activities that Roxy isn’t comfortable with.

  • The clothing and harness Roxy uses.

  • Bike riding with Roxy.

  • A story of one of Roxy’s bad experiences and how they dealt with it.

  • Her message to dog owners to become aware of other people hiking with cats

  • Cats reading the emotions of their humans.

  • Roxy as an ambassador for Petcurean’s Uplift the Underdog Campaign

  • Background on Roxy’s bed, Thermotex, and working with the company.

  • How they contact organisations that they want to work with.

  • Using social media in a positive manner to connect with like-minded people.

  • Indoor activities for cats.

  • Her hopes for the future regarding the movement of cats who explore with their humans.

  • The most entertaining comment she has received about Roxy.

  • Favourite accounts to follow on Instagram

  • Product that has been a game changer for Roxy


Instagram - @roxythe_kitty

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Uplift the Underdog Campaign

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