How to Photograph Your Cat with Furry Munchkins Pet Photography

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Learn some techniques on how to improve your photography skills, especially when photographing your cat. We hear about some simple techniques that can help compose that amazing photo and how to utilise the technology you have at home to get that perfect picture of your kitty.

In this episode we cover:

  • The story of how Furry Munchkins Pet Photography started.

  • A little background on his 3 cats.

  • Training his cat to be an explorer and using a harness.

  • The challenges they experience and comments they get when walking their cat.

  • His favourite thing about photographing animals.

  • Tips on how to make cats pose, photographing cats who don’t want to pose and capturing candid photos.

  • Suggestions on photographing black cats.

  • His favourite tech equipment for taking photos of animals.

  • Suggestions on optimising phone features to take photos of cats.

  • Using photo editing programs responsibly for fixing photos.

  • Lightroom for fixing brightness, shadows and basic adjustments in photos.

  • Things we need to consider when taking a photograph of your cat.

  • Composition rules in photography

  • The technique of taking better photos of your cats.

  • Managing video and photo files on your computer or cloud.

  • His view on the future about cats exploring with their humans.

  • Most entertaining comment he has gotten when going out with his kitties.

  • His favourite accounts to follow on Instagram.

  • Products that have been a game changer for him and his kitties.



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Fostering of Cats

RSPCA Foster Carer

Photography Techniques

Exposure Triangle

Rule of Thirds


Where to purchase lighting equipment (soft box and light and backdrop on eBay)

Post Production

Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

3-2-1 Storage Workflow

Instagram Accounts Mentioned




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