Homemade Raw Cat Food Made Easy With Wildernesscat

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Raw cat food can seem really confusing, especially when you want to make it at home. Eileen & Mallory from Wildernesscat shares why we should consider feeding our cats raw, and how we can easily make it at home. They speak about the commercial cat food options and how you can make it all on your own. And they highlight that raw feeding your cat is not hard – it is actually easy!

In this episode we cover:

  • How they started getting into the cat community.

  • Pet guardianship versus pet ownership.

  • Their thoughts on the commercial pet food industry.

  • Issues with commercial pet food.

  • Basics of preparing homemade pet food.

  • Ingredients that are usually included in recipes.

  • Other items needed for food preparation.

  • How to make raw feeding convenient and part of your routine.

  • Picking commercial food to feed your cat.

  • Feeding kibble and dry food to our cats.

  • Process to follow when starting raw food into your cat’s diet.

  • Recommendations for teeth when feeding your cat raw food.

  • Treats for cats.

  • Options for commercial raw food available in stores and what you should be looking for in selecting raw food.

  • Providing a nature-filled lifestyle for your cats.

  • Her hopes for the future of movement of cats with their humans.

  • Most entertaining comment she’s received when she was out with her pet.

  • The favourite Instagram accounts to follow.

  • Products and services that have been a game changer for them.


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