How to Take Your Cat Out In Urban Areas with Cats Going Places

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Find out where you can take your cat on a leash in an urban environment. Julie from Cats Going Places shares the shops & cafes that she takes her cat to, and how she finds cat friendly shops and cafes. She also takes us through her checklist on the stores she visits with her cat. We also chat about handling interactions with dogs as well as people and your cat while out and about.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Julie started Cat exploring.

  • Inspiration for Cats Going Places.

  • The story of how cupcake joined their family.

  • Things to look out for to make sure that cupcake only interacts with calm dogs.

  • Suggestions of places to explore with cats in urban places.

  • Using backpacks versus strollers.

  • Kinds of stores that they go to and the challenges they go through going to these stores.

  • How they evaluate cat friendly locations and stores.

  • Tip on how to control people in interacting with cupcake.

  • How she teaches cupcake tricks and minimise distractions.

  • What do they want to see in the future regarding humans exploring with their cats.

  • Most entertaining comment that she has received while out and about with cupcake.

  • Cats on social media that she follows.

  • Features and characteristics of Therapy Cats.

  • Products that have been a game-changer for cupcake.


Guest - Cats Going Places

Website –

Instagram - @catsgoingplaces

Facebook – Cats Going Places

Twitter - @catsgoingplaces

Pet Friendly Stores

Café - Starbucks

Home Improvement Stores – Lowes, Home Depot

Home Goods

Sporting Goods Store –Bass Pro Shops

Inspiring Cats

Summer the Therapy Cat – @summerstravels

Products Mentions

Carrier – Gen 7 Carry Me carrier

Stroller – Gen 7 Promenade