How to sail with your cat with Miss Rigby the Boat Kitty

Did you know that you can take your cat on a boat? Rigby shows that you. Actually she not only goes on a boat, she also lives on a boat. Hear how you can train your cat to go on a boat with you and the safety steps to take.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How the couple got into the sailing lifestyle.

  • Adopting Miss Rigby from Connecticut.

  • Coming up with Miss Rigby’s name.

  • Utilising calmness and positive reinforcement.

  • Training her on the dinghy.

  • Boats, cats and swimming.

  • On lifejacket usage for their cat.

  • Safety of cats on the boat while docked and while sailing.

  • On using a leash for Miss Rigby.

  • Using a directional tracker for cats while traveling.

  • Sleeping conditions on the boat.

  • Managing day to day on the boat.

  • Biggest lesson learned while living with Rigby.

  • Miss Rigby meeting other animals.

  • Training her to sit on their shoulder.

  • Quarantine laws for different locations.

  • Most memorable experience with Miss Rigby.

  • Sun exposure and protection for cats.

  • Future travel plans.

  • Introducing new things to Miss Rigby including bike riding.

  • Rigby and vegemite.

  • Common reactions when new people meet her.


MV & Rigby on Instagram - @miss_rigby_boatkitty

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Miss Rigby

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