Learning how to be a catexplorer with Maple the Mews

Learn how to start catexploring with maplethemews. Find out where to begin and how to understand your cat’s boundaries.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Adopting Maple from a rescue home

  • Personality of two-year old Maple

  • Maple’s usual adventures in the wild

  • On trying out and training with a leash & harness

  • Maple’s preferred environment when going out

  • Tips when exploring outdoors with your cat

  • Most memorable cat explorer experience

  • Typical weekend for Maple

  • View on putting clothes on Maple

  • Maple and hiking in the wilderness

  • Activities that Maple doesn’t like doing

  • First Caturday experience for Maple

  • On #RealMenWalkTheirCats

  • Other catexplorer inspiration.


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Music for this episode was composed and performed by Kory McIntyre.

Cover Art

The photo used for the cover art for Season 3 of Catexplorer Podcast was taken by @adventureswithsquirrel.