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The cat who overcame physical therapy to get back into hiking – Wiley Catote

Adventurous catexplorers are very active. They go hiking, kayaking and so much more. But when they injure themselves, how do we treat them? That’s exactly what Wiley’s mums faced when she hurt her leg from a fall at home. Wiley went through physical therapy and has come out the other side, and is back to hiking, camping & being a pro catexplorer.

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An Inspiring Story about Rescuing Animals & Grief Manifesting in a Beautiful Way – Professor X the Hiking Cat

Clara Lee has already achieved so much. She set up the Hopkins Belize Humane Society, which has been instrumental in not only spaying & neutering animals in Belize, but also educating the locals about animal health and welfare. She is also an inspiring human being, who has found a beautiful way to grieve her late husband – by training her cat to be a therapy cat, to comfort others who are in the same position as her late husband. In this episode, Clara Lee shares about her amazing journey and experiences and her thought process.

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2 Cats Showing the World that You Can Learn New Tricks at Any Age – The Adventures of Mike & Lily

We have lost track of the number of times Mike & Lily have been mentioned on the Catexplorer Podcast. Their mum, Stephanie, shares how they started catexploring at an older age, how they try new things like kayaking, SUPing, hiking and so much more. They show us that older kitties can learn new tricks – even the ones that some humans can’t do.

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