Introducing a dog sibling to your hiking cat and more with O.G.adventurecat

O.G. is an amazing hiking cat who loves travelling in the car. We chat with his humans about training O.G., taking a cat camping and introducing a dog sibling into the family.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How OG and Chooch came into their family and how they got along.

  • The story behind OG’s name.

  • The cat exploring that OG does and the training he received for it, including using a backpack.

  • Chooch and OG’s exploring dynamic.

  • Scary experiences they’ve had that made them question cat exploring.

  • Their most memorable adventure with OG.

  • Training OG to go camping, hiking and riding cars.

  • The things they pack for him during trips.

  • OG’s participation in their wedding.

  • One piece of advice for new cat explorers.

  • Most entertaining comment they’ve received when cat exploring with OG.

  • The cat explorers that inspire them.

  • Product that has been a game-changer for OG


Instagram: @o.g.adventurecat

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Products Mentioned

RC Pets harness

Pet Store

Mud Bay


Thank you to our amazing sponsor, Supakit.


Music for this episode was composed and performed by Kory McIntyre.

Cover Art

The photo used for the cover art for Season 2 of the Catexplorer Podcast was taken by @littlegreysadventures.