Camping, hiking, SUPing and so much more with Leon Adventure Cat

Hear how Leon the cat goes hiking, camping, SUping and how he learned to do it all. We also chat about Leon’s amazing DIY catio.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Megan and Leon’s meeting

  • Leon’s story and personality

  • How he started wearing his harness & leash

  • Conditioning for exploration

  • First time outside and following a trail

  • On trying cross-country skiing

  • Most memorable adventures with Leon

  • Leon’s reaction to the coast

  • Camping with Leon and tips for camping

  • Going on the paddle board

  • Scariest experience outdoors

  • Creating a “Catio” for Leon

  • Megan’s advice for new cat explorers

  • Funny comments and reactions when people meet Leon

  • Other catexplorer inspiration

  • Product, service and program game-changer


Instagram: @leonadventurecat

Facebook: Leon the Adventure Cat

Blog: Leon the Adventure Cat

Cat Harnesses Mentioned

Come with me kitty harness

RC pets adventure kitty harness

Cat Tent

Cat Camp

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Music for this episode was composed and performed by Kory McIntyre.

Cover Art

The photo used for the cover art for Season 3 of Catexplorer Podcast was taken by @adventureswithsquirrel.