Ask a Vet – Cat dental, skin health, PTSD, snakes bites, allergies and more with Dr Sam Sorensen

Learn all about how to look after your cat’s dental & skin health. Learn how to prevent fleas and ticks, treat feline acne, allergies, gingivitis, snake bites, what you should include in your first aid kit for your kitty and even how to treat cats with PTSD.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Volunteering at Kruger National Park.

  • Feline Dental Health -it's importance and on what a lot of people need to look for.  

  • How to look after a cat's dental health.

  • On anaesthetic usage for cats.

  • Stomatitis on cats.

  • The difference between Stomatitis and Gingivitis.

  • Cleaning cat teeth at home, why and how you need to do it.

  • On cats chewing on bones.

  • Choosing kitty tooth products.

  • Different teeth maintenance options available for different cats.

  • Warning signs to look out for.

  • About FORL - Feline oral resorptive lesion.

  • On cat skin health.

  • About feline acne and blackheads.

  • Dry skin maintenance for cats especially during the winter.

  • Tips for managing long-haired cats.

  • Protection for feline paws while exploring.

  • Skin conditions of cats to watch out for.

  • Flea, mite, ticks on cats.

  • Tips for checking on a possible snake bite.

  • Lyme’s disease – what is it, how to treat and avoid it.

  • Cat allergy symptoms.

  • Caution on bathing cats.

  • Important items on a cat first aid kit while exploring and how to handle emergencies.

  • PTSD.

  • On utilising cat microchips, its benefits and costs.

  • Things Sam hopes to see on the cat explorer movement.

  • On encouraging cats’ enrichment of their environment.

  • Sam’s favourite cat social media accounts to follow.

  • Game changer product, service and/or program for Sam and her cats.


Dr Sam Sorensen from Yanchep Veterinarian Hospital

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Dental Health Diet

Hills TD Diet

Cat Mouthwash

Maxiguard gel

Healthymouth gel

PlaqueOff Cat

Simply seaweed


Greenies Cat Treats

Cat toothpaste

CET Enzymatic Toothpaste


Hexarinse Oral Rinse

Tick Prevention


Revolution spray

Removing tree sap from paws

Orange powder sticky spot & goo dissolver - must be washed off with some gentle detergent as it is not designed to be stay in or licked off.

PTSD treatment

Music for cats


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Simon’s cat

Hawk Eye – scuba diving cat


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