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Ask a Vet – Cat dental, skin health, PTSD, snakes bites, allergies and more with Dr Sam Sorensen

Learn all about how to look after your cat’s dental & skin health. Learn how to prevent fleas and ticks, treat feline acne, allergies, gingivitis, snake bites, what you should include in your first aid kit for your kitty and even how to treat cats with PTSD.

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How The Amazing Bond Between a Cat, a Dog and a Human Helps Manage PTSD – Burma Adventurecat

This is a story about overcoming adversity and the amazing roles our animals play in our lives. As a veteran, Stephen learnt to manage his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) using Adventure Therapy. Hear how his service dog, Puppi, helped him manage is PTSD and how his cat Burma helped him see the positives in life. An inspiring story that continually left us speechless and in awe.

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