2 Cats Showing the World that You Can Learn New Tricks at Any Age – The Adventures of Mike & Lily

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We have lost track of the number of times Mike & Lily have been mentioned on the Catexplorer Podcast. Their mum, Stephanie, shares how they started catexploring at an older age, how they try new things like kayaking, SUPing, hiking and so much more. They show us that older kitties can learn new tricks – even the ones that some humans can’t do.

In this episode we cover:

  • The story of how Mike and Lily came into their life.

  • Stephanie shares how Mike and Lily did not get along instantly.

  • How Mike and Lily converted Stephanie’s husband to becoming a cat-lover despite his cat allergy.

  • Stephanie’s journey from training to cat exploring with them.

  • Where and how she explores with Mike & Lily.

  • How they trained Mike and Lily to do water sports and the safety precautions the take when doing it.

  • Mike and Lily hiking.

  • How the cats handle seeing other animals and humans when cat exploring.

  • Making the cats feel warm during the cold weather.

  • Stephanie’s favourite brands and sweaters for her 2 cats.

  • Most memorable experiences with Mike and Lily.

  • How do they find cat friendly places.

  • Other places they go to for exploring.

  • Challenges they experience with their cats.

  • Hotel recommendations for cats.

  • When and how their cats started exploring.

  • Using a backpack to take Mike and Lily around.

  • Starting cat school

  • What Stephanie wants to see in the future with regards to cats exploring with their humans.

  • The most entertaining things that people have said to Stephanie while out and about with Mike and Lily.

  • The cat explorers that inspire her.

  • Product or service that has been a game changer for Mike and Lily.

Guest - Stephanie, Mum to Mike & Lily

Instagram - @adventuresofmikeandlily

Facebook – The Adventures of Mike & Lily

Locations Mentioned

Cat Friendly Shop - Canadian Tire

Cat Friendly Wine Region – Naramata Bench wineries are all pet friendly

Cat Friendly Hotel Chain

The Coast Hotel Chain

Product Mentioned

Sweaters – Thredz N Tails

Mikes favourite coat – Hurtta Extreme Warmer

Backpack - Kurgo backpack

Instagram Accounts Mentioned




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Music for this episode was composed and performed by Kory McIntyre.

Cover Art

The photo used for the cover art for Season 2 of the Catexplorer Podcast was taken by @littlegreysadventures.