Nicole Saved 2 Cats & Then They Saved Her – Monk and Bean

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Sometimes, we bring our kitties into our lives to save them. But then they save us. That is exactly what Monk & Bean did for their mum, Nicole. Monk is known as a vampire cat and Bean is a cuddly kitty. When you dig deeper you hear about the amazing impact they have had on their mum. They have helped her managed her depression. And she in turn entertains us with their antics and personalities.

In this episode we cover:

  • The story of how Monk and Bean came to their family.

  • Nicole tells us more about Monk and Bean’s different personalities.

  • How Monk and Bean helped Nicole during hard times in her life.

  • The cats getting along with Nicole’s dogs Burma and Puppy.

  • Nicole tells us more about Monk’s fangs.

  • How she started taking Monk and Bean out.

  • The harness they use at the moment.

  • Places they visit and trips they enjoy.

  • Other things she uses when she takes out the cats.

  • Worries she has when going out with Monk and Bean.

  • Nicole’s experience of having 2 black cats that turns around the negative connotation on black cats.

  • How Nicole becomes creative with the stories she shares.

  • Who is Toby and how Nicole has helped him.

  • Nicole shares how she created a outside shelter for Toby in the winter.

  • What Nicole wants to see in the future with regards to cats exploring with their humans.

  • The most entertaining things that people have said to Nicole while out and about with Monk and Bean.

  • The cat explorers that inspire her.

  • Product or service that has been a game changer for Monk and Bean.

Guest - Nicole, Monk & Bean

Instagram - @monkandbean

Podcast Episodes Mentioned

Burma & Puppi & Stephen Podcast Episode – How the amazing bond between a cat, a dog & a human helps manage PTSD – Burma Adventurecat

Heated Shelter

Products Mentioned

Harness - Gooby harness

Kitty Litter used by Hasara & Daniel - Wee Kitty Litter

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Music for this episode was composed and performed by Kory McIntyre.

Cover Art

The photo used for the cover art for Season 2 of the Catexplorer Podcast was taken by @littlegreysadventures.