How to Travel With Your Cat with Russ the Kitten

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Russ is a kitty who has travelled through 17 states of the US and also been overseas. Russ’ mum, Kat, shares her tips on how to fly in a plane with your cat, how to go on a road trip with your cat, find cat friendly locations and how to pack when travelling with a cat.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Russ came into Kat’s life

  • Russ’ personality and the things he loves to do.

  • The story of how Kat started taking Ross outside.

  • Training Russ to wear a harness and leash and the reason why she decided to use the Velcro style harness.

  • Travelling with Russ around the US and other countries.

  • Russ’ behaviour when riding cars and how he travels in a car.

  • Cats using kitty litter versus going outside.

  • The foldable litter box and foldable kennel Russ uses when they travel.

  • Kat’s experience travelling with Russ to Puerto Rico and the requirements she needed for bringing Russ.

  • The frequency of rabies shots needed for cats.

  • How Kat finds places to go with Russ.

  • Her experience in Texas taking Russ everywhere she went.

  • The Catexplorers Kat has met.

  • Russ’ experience with meeting with other cats.

  • Russ’ bath situation when travelling.

  • Finding cat-friendly accommodation.

  • Cat-friendly businesses they go to.

  • Transitioning Russ to a new home.

  • How often Kat goes exploring with Kat.

  • Travelling with Russ during the winter.

  • Tricks that Russ knows and how she taught him how to do them.

  • One piece of advice Kat wants to give to other Catexplorers.

  • The most entertaining comment she received when she was out and about with Russ.

  • The Catexplorers that inspire Kat.

  • The products that have been a game-changer for Russ.

  • Tips for packing for travels.


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Pop up kennel

Travel backpack

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Music for this episode was composed and performed by Kory McIntyre.

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