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It’s amazing when a mid-life crisis results in something beautiful. This is exactly what happened to Rich, who packed up his life to van around Australia with his cat, Willow. Rich shares how he did this, the amazing experiences he has had and the lessons he has learned (that you can use!)

In this episode we cover:

  • Rich’s life before vanning and how he decided to adapt this lifestyle.

  • He shares his preparations for the vanning life and how he transformed his van.

  • Rich tells us more about Willow.

  • Training willow using a clicker.

  • Preparations he did to bring Willow vanning with him.

  • Planning for items that Willow needed during their trip.

  • Willow exploring off-leash.

  • Rich and Willow’s bond.

  • His experience with losing Willow for 3 days during the start of their trip.

  • Rich compares trackers that he has used with Willow.

  • Hiking with Willow.

  • Keeping Willow safe from other animals.

  • How Rich finds places to visit with Willow.

  • Staying at properties in exchange for work or services.

  • How he decides when Willow stays at a Cattery.

  • The story of how Willow adapts with the environment.

  • Their memorable interactions with people while travelling.

  • Stressful and scary situations that they’ve been in.

  • What Rich wants to see in the future with regards to cats exploring with their humans.

  • The most entertaining things that people have said to Rich while out and about with Willow.

  • The cat explorers that inspire him.

  • Product or service that has been a game changer for Willow.

Guest - Rich & Willow from Van Cat Meow

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Music for this episode was composed and performed by Kory McIntyre.

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