Cat Sweaters Jackets

Have you ever thought about a sweater or a jacket for your cat?

@tikithekittycat    wearing a jacket

@tikithekittycat wearing a jacket

While they may look cute, sweaters and jackets also really functional, especially if you are going exploring in the cold.

They help keep your cat warm if it is too cold, and some are water proof, which is a plus when you are catexploring in the rain or snow.

Does your cat need a sweater or jacket?

It is likely that if you are cold, your cat is cold too.

True. Their fur may provide them with an extra layer of insulation. But if your cat is shivering, snuggling and trying to find sources of warmth (like you) - they are probably cold and a sweater or jacket may be a good option for them.

Is your cat comfortable in a sweater?

Not all cats are comfortable wearing sweaters or clothes.

If they look particularly uncomfortable in it you should not force it. When trailing a sweater or jacket on your cat, watch their body language to understand whether they are comfortable.

If your cat shrinking away, aggressively flicking their tail, exhibiting major air-plane ears, it is likely that they are not happy.

Picking a sweater or jacket for your cat

There are many sweaters & jackets for pets. Most are designed for dogs but can also be used for cats.

When picking clothing for your cat, make sure that it doesn’t restrict their movement.

They still need to be able to walk, jump, eat, go to the bathroom and move as they would typically. An ideal sweater would fit well - not too loose or too snug.

Always supervise your cat while they are wearing a sweater, particularly the first time they wear it or are in new situations and places. This way you can ensure that their sweater does not get caught or snagged in anything and cause any injuries.

Cat sweaters & jackets to choose from

Some tried and test cat sweaters and jackets include:

Rain jackets for your cat

Some favourite rain jackets for your cat include: