Cat Sweater, Jumpers & Jackets

When the temperatures start to drop, we naturally start wearing more clothing, use more sweater, jackets, beanies and more.

But have you thought about keeping your cat warm with a sweater when the snow start falling?

Does Your Cat Need a Sweater or Jacket?

It is likely that if you are cold, your cat is cold too.

True, their fur may provide them with an extra layer of insulation but if they are shivering, snuggling and trying to find sources of warmth - they are probably cold and a sweater or jacket may be a good option for them.

Is My Cat Comfortable in a Sweater?

It is important to bear in mind - not all cats like wearing sweaters or clothes. If they look particularly uncomfortable in it you should not force it. If your cat shrinking away, aggressively flicking their tail, exhibiting major air-plane ears, it is likely that they are not happy.

When you dress your cat, make sure you watch their body language to determine their comfort levels.

Picking a Sweater/Jacket for Your Cat

A quick browse of a pet shop highlights that there are many options for sweaters and jackets for dogs but not many for cats. In fact a dog sweater that mostly fits a cat, typically ends up looking like a cat crop top!

In saying this, there are still many sweaters and jackets that your cat can wear.

When picking clothing for your cat, make sure that it doesn’t restrict their movement. They still need to be able to walk, jump, eat, go to the bathroom and move as they would typically. An ideal sweater would fit well - not too loose or too snug.

We recommend that you always supervise your cat while they are wearing their sweater. This way you can ensure that their sweater does not get caught or snagged in anything and cause any injuries.

We suggest purchasing your cat’s sweaters and jumpers in spring as many pet shops hold great sales to clear out their winter stock.

Cat Sweaters & Jackets Brands

We asked the Catexplorer Community about the sweaters and jackets they use for their cats.

Here are the cat sweaters, jumpers and jackets used by the Catexplorer Community:

Use a harness jacket that is longer and thicker

Does your cat wear a sweater or jacket? We would love to hear all about it!