Travel Cat Litter Tray Ideas

When we think of cats going to the bathroom, the first things to pop into our minds are kitty litter, huge trays, mess, smell and bulkiness.

But when adventuring with your cat, typically you are aiming to reduce the amount of items you carry, especially bulky items like litter trays.

But you still, need a solution for where your kitty can go to the bathroom while out and about.

Where your cat can go to the bathroom while exploring

Cats who are comfortable going in nature

Some kitties are ok with going to the bathroom outside, either out in the open, where there is sand or somewhere private and covered (like in bushes).

Carry doggy poop bags to clean up after your kitty. Yes, cat poo may be natural, but it is not a part of the ecosystem in many of the places we explore and may have a negative impact. Also, no one wants to accidentally step in cat poop!

If your cat prefers the privacy of their kitty litter tray

Many cats only feel comfortable to go to the bathroom at home or in private. They will wait till they are at home, or in a hotel with their kitty litter tray.

Cat litter tray options while catexploring

If your cat prefers using a cat litter tray, rather than carrying a full cat litter tray while you’re travelling, you can use one of these options:

If you’re travelling over a couple of days, you can use a ziplock bag to carry the spare kitty litter.

Setting up the cat litter tray

Cat litter set up in the car

It’s great to set up your kitty litter tray while travelling in your car. You can place it on the backseat, on the floor in the backseat or in the trunk. It really depends on the set up of your car and how your cat travels in the car.

Cat litter set up in a hotel

When you are staying overnight in a hotel or an Air BnB, it is best to take a litter box (or a larger box) as it will help your cat feel more at home.

When you arrive, set up their litter box as soon as possible and show them to it, so that they know where it is.

To help the host and cleaners, we always recommend placing a plastic bag or a garbage bag underneath the litter box as this will help catch any litter spillage.

Cat litter set up while camping

Even if your cat is ok with going to the bathroom in nature, this may not be the case while you are camping.

There may be noises that startle them, making them uncomfortable with going outside.

As such, while you are camping with your cat, we recommend you take a kitty litter tray. To lighten the load, perhaps you can take a smaller litter box or a disposable option (see above)

Cats communicating that they need to use the bathroom

Many cats have a way of communicating with their owners that they need to use the bathroom.

Perhaps they will meow to let you know. Or if you are hiking, they may slow down and start looking for a place to go.

After a period of time exploring with your cat, you will get to know the nuances between their different meows.

Providing your cat with options to use the litter box while catexploring really doesn’t need to be as daunting as it may seem – there are many options available to you.