One year


A lot can change in a year.

A year ago, Catexplorer was just a vision.

I had started catexploring with my cats, Lumos and Noxie. I had stumbled across a few other catexplorers on Instagram and been blown away by how helpful they are. I was starting to feel less alone about being that “crazy person” who walked their cat.

But I wanted to let others feel that sense of belonging. To give you a place to go when you wanted advice about how to walk your cat. To feel like you can share your stories and learn from others.

And that’s why I created Catexplorer.

To be that place. To provide that sense of belonging. To help as many people who are trying to develop that bond with their cat while walking them.

And to stop them feeling like that “crazy person”. That they are the only ones who want to give their cats a better life.

And to celebrate you. To celebrate your achievements and wins. No matter what size those wins are. Be it putting a harness on your cat for the first time or walking outside with your cat for the first time or maybe even going camping with your cat for the first time.

And in the last year, I’m proud to say that we have achieved that. We have had catexplorers do all of the above and more.

We’ve had cats start harness training, go catexploring for the first time, go on a kayak for the first time, go on their first holiday, or camping trip. And I am so proud of all these catexplorers (both cat and human).

We’ve come a long way in one year.

The last year has been incredible, but we’ve rolled up our sleeves and we’re in the trenches, working hard.

I am always looking into the future with Catexplorer. We’re working on continuing to find ways to help make catexploring easier and to share more about catexploring with those who don’t know about it.

I’m excited about all the possibilities and can’t wait to share them all with you!

Here is to the 2nd year of Catexplorer. To making catexploring easier. To making catexploring more acceptable. To encourage more people to give their cats the world.