How to keep your cat calm during fireworks

Fireworks. We love seeing the pretty colours and patterns in the sky, but some cats (and dogs) are terrified of the noises that come with fireworks.

And can we blame them? Those noises are loud!

So how do we keep our cats calm while fireworks are going off?

In an ideal situation, we would move them away from the fireworks by spending that time elsewhere. But this isn’t always possible, especially when the fireworks are unplanned or set off by others near your home.

What to do the first time fireworks go off.

The difficulty is that we don’t know if our cat is scared of fireworks till they are exposed to them the first time.

We suggest approaching this first time like they are scared of fireworks, and if they aren’t it makes it easier for you.

Bring your cat indoors

Fireworks may cause your cat to bolt, especially when they are outdoors. With this in mind, we recommend you bring your cat indoors when you know fireworks may be let off or if you start to hear fireworks.

Prepare your home

If you can, stay home with your cat so that you can monitor how they react and keep them calm.

If you can’t stay at home, do your best to prepare your home for an anxious cat.

Muffle the noise

What usually startles cats is the noise of the fireworks, so do whatever you can to stifle the noise. Close the windows and doors and blinds and curtains.

If your cat is used to the TV or radio being on, this will also help distract them. Another option is to play music for cats, which has been created specifically to help cats calm down.

Create a safe space for your cat

Cats love having a safe space to surrender into when they feel anxious or scared and it is easy to create several options for your cat at home.

This could be their cat backpack, a box, a favourite cat bed, a cave in their cat tree, their cat tunnel or even a blanket fort.

Make these spaces cosy using things like blankets and even your clothes as they will appreciate being able to smell you.

If your cat responds to calming sprays like Feliway you can use these too.

We recommend not shutting your cat in a small confined space as this may stress them more as they can’t escape. If they want to go into a small space, let them decide that themselves.

Once the fireworks go off

When the fireworks start, watch your cat closely to see how they respond.

Pay attention to your cat

Many anxious cats will hide in their safe space and prefer to be left alone. While other would like to be near you or even be patted.

Pay attention to your kitty and decide how they would like you to respond. Perhaps they would like you to be near them while they hang in their cat cave, while others may prefer to stay far away from their humans. Don’t force cuddles on your cat if they do not want them as this may stress them.

Stay calm

Cats pick up on their human’s feelings. With this in mind, do your best to stay calm, as this will help them stay calm.

Play with your cat

If your cat is interested, you can distract them from the scary firework sounds by using play time. Play with them using their favourite toys and perhaps set up some food puzzles.

After the fireworks

When you start catexploring with your cat once fireworks are over, keep an eye out for potential debris from the fireworks that your cat may pick up, play with or even eat.

But what about the surprise fireworks?

We can’t plan for all fireworks as they may surprise us.

If your cat is scared of fireworks and they suddenly start going off, make sure they have a safe space inside. Chances are your cat has already picked out their favourite safe space in your home and will retreat here.

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