What to Include in Your Cat's First Aid Kit

Performing first aid on our cats is not something we want to think about. However, by catexploring with them, we are increasing the risk that we need to perform some form of first aid.

The benefits of exploring the world with our cat far outweigh the risks of the potential injury they may obtain. But we still should be prepared for those situations.

A great way to prepare is to have a pet first aid kit on hand. You can either purchase your own (list below), create one or do a combination of both.

If you are not trained in veterinary medicine, we always recommend taking your cat to the vet when they are injured or ill. Do you best to keep them calm till you can get to a vet.

With this in mind, we also recommend that you are aware of the closest veterinary clinic to you, particularly if you are catexploring in a new area. If you’re going to an area that may be remote, without cellular data reception, ensure you have the details of the clinic and directions on paper.

Pet First Aid Classes

Some organisations offer pet first aid classes, which may help you be prepared for those emergencies.

Google “Pet First Aid Class” & your location to find options near you. Some options are:

Instagram:    @olofscouting

Instagram: @olofscouting

Pet First Aid Kits

The items that can be included in a pet first aid kit are quite long. In reality, it will difficult to lug these on a long hike.

With this in mind, perhaps create a bigger first aid kit to keep at home/keep in the car and create a smaller one for when you are on a walk.

Pet First Aid Kits for Purchase

You can purchase a readymade pet first aid kit.

Some may not have everything on our list, but you can also always add to them.

Some options are:

What to Include in a First Aid Kit for Your Cat