What Cat Harness Should You Buy?

There are many harnesses available for kitties, but how do you know what harness to buy?

The type of harness you pick really depends on you and your cat.

Instagram:    @maplethemews

Instagram: @maplethemews

You would probably prefer a different pair of jeans to the person next to you. We’re all different.

Cats are the same, they all prefer different harnesses based on their comfort levels and activities.

There are 3 main types of harnesses:

  • H-harness

  • Vest Harness

  • Jacket Harness

H-harnesses for Your Cat

H-harnesses are the best harness to start training your cat as they have the least amount of contact with your cat.

They are also relatively easy to adjust but some cats may struggle with the attachments.

H-harnesses are also ideal for activities where your cat may get wet, as there is less material to stay wet. We also love H-harnesses to be worn under jackets in cold weather.

Our favourite H-harnesses include:

Vest Harnesses for Your Cat

Vest harnesses have more contact with your cat’s body, which means that the pressure points are more evenly distributed. This is perfect for a cat who may make sudden movements while exploring.

However, vest harnesses typically require your cat’s face to go through the harness and some cats do not like this sensation.

Our favourite vest harnesses include:

Jacket Harnesses for Your Cat

Jacket harnesses (also known as butterfly harnesses) are very popular for cats who have been known to slip out of their harness.

They cover more of your cat’s body than a H-harness or a vest harness and typically have a tighter fit.

Our favourite jacket harnesses include: